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Contract Writers and Procurement Help

So you need some help wining Governement Contracts? We are here to help!


Our team of acquisition experts have over 20 years of federal government acquisition experience and include PM and former contracting officers.

The federal government purchases $350 billion worth of goods and services each year through an acquisition process that is characterized by complex, ever-evolving mandates and rules. The ability to successfully establish and manage large programs has never been more critical. Concurrently, the number of government employees available to procure and manage complex systems and programs is diminishing.

GSA Federal Solutions offers full life-cycle acquisition support services for federal government information technology and weapons systems procurements. We collaborate with our clients to establish strategic guidance and execution that results in better programs. Our highly-seasoned professionals work to remain abreast of changes in acquisition processes and regulations and utilize standard methods and best practices to help deliver successful programs with reduced risk. From start-up plan to final milestone, Icetech has the expertise and the on-the-ground experience necessary for smooth program execution.

GSA Federal Solutions uses ex Government contracting Officers and PM who has extensive hands-on contracting expertise encompassing a wide range of systems, services and items through all acquisition, RFP, RFQ and RFI phases.

Experience has taught us the value of understanding the regulations and legislative requirements for program control and Contract writing. We use this knowledge to work in partnership with oversight authorities to tailor the acquisition and contact process as appropriate for each program, avoiding unnecessary program cost and schedule delays. We effectively use our knowledge and experience to keep staffing requirements modest throughout the project while still meeting all requirements. Lastly, we are keenly aware of the Organizational Conflict of interest (OCI) issues inherent in our work and strive to avoid even the appearance of (OCI).


  • Overall Technical Writing Experience – temporary contract writer, not an employee. So, you may want to focus on senior writers with five or more years of experience. These writers have solid expertise in the types of documentation you need and require very little or no training.
  • Industry/Subject Matter Experience – Our technical writer doesn't need to be an expert in your field. However, if you are hiring a temporary writer, why not look for someone who understands the subject area and terminology that can hit the ground running.
  • Writing Ability – Obviously this is a priority. Even though our candidate may be an experienced and successful contract technical writer, he/she has years Federal contract experience in the writing style the client of yours are looking for.
  • Rate – Depending on skills, experience, and geographic location, most of our contract technical writers in the U.S. charge between $40- $70/hr. Although your budget may dictate your limits, don't always assume that our writers with a higher hourly rate will cost the most. In many cases, a more experienced writer with a higher rate may work faster and more effectively than one who charges less – resulting in less overall cost.
  • On-Site or Off-Site? – We can work both on and offsite.
  • Availability and Time Requirements – Is this a full-time, 40-hour-per-week need, or a project with varied hours? We can work with your budget and get the job done on time and on Budget with a winning proposal.

The best technical writers in the business

Our technical writers and technical editors are the best in the business, able to take technical complexities and turn them into simple, understandable text. They'll expertly produce the documentation products you need, including:

  • User guides
  • Online help
  • Online documentation
  • Internet documentation
  • Web pages
  • Operator's manuals
  • Programmer's guides
  • Administrator's guides
  • Installation guides
  • Technical reference manuals
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • Proposals
  • Process documentation
  • Policies/procedures
  • ISO 9000 documentation
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Work flows/work integrations
  • System design documents
  • Assembly manuals
  • Maintenance manuals

Our technical writers are flexible and in top form, so come on in and check us out!