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Marketing with GSA Federal Solutions Inc.

Getting on the GSA Federal Supply Schedules

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) facilitates the government buying power by providing billions of dollars worth of supplies and services each year.  Congress is stressing that the Federal State and Local Government mandate the GSA Federal Supply Schedules.

Doing Business with the Federal State & Local Government

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Sub-contracting Opportunities

This topic is designed to provide appropriate incentives to concourse subcontracting opportunities for small businesses consistent with the efficient and economical performance of the contracts.  Tap into the resources of those who have productive businesses.

Financial Opportunities for Small Businesses
Discover where to look for it and what you must provide to get financing you need.


GSA Federal Solutions, Inc. offers introductional contracting classes that will consist of eight (8) hours. Each class will consist of a full day of education that will help you stay abreast of federal contract laws, best practices, regulations, procedures and reforms for every step of the procurement process. Our training instructors highly skilled and has worked many years in the federal government arena.

Reference Materials: Receive valuable publications including the FAR. Students receive comprehensive texts that they can refer to long after they have completed the course.   Each student will receive a training certificate.

Price Analysis Management On-site 8 Hours
Small Business will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform price analysis to determine price reasonableness in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Government Contract Law Management Onsite 8 Hours
Small Businesses will gain knowledge of government contract law principles and their impact on federal acquisitions and skills to apply these principles to reach sound business judgements.

Contract Negotiation Techniques Onsite 8 Hours
Small Business will gain the knowledge and skills to apply win-win strategies to successfully negotiate the best value for the government.

Contract Administration Public & Onsite 8 Hours
Small Businesses will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the critical duties associated with administration of complex contracts during the contract administration phase of the federal acquisition process.

Acquisition/Procurement Planning Public & Onsite
Small Business will gain an overview of the contracting environment and the federal acquisition process and the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the specific duties required during the acquisition-planning phase.